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The process is fairly simple. Join us at a meeting and BRING YOUR QUALIFYING MATERIALS. Before you can be considered on a national level, you need to obtain branch approval first. Our Membership Chairman can help you fill out the forms and send them in to National for you.

Aside from the work which qualifies you to become a member, all you need is a majority vote by those in attendance. Once that has happened, then your package is sent to the respective application chair for national approval. Our Membership Chairman will discuss with you the fees involved in submitting your application and qualifying materials to National.

Once National has approved you, they will mail your certificate along with your membership card back to our membership chair. They will also return ALL materials that were included with your application form. (The form itself will not be returned.)

Eligibility for Membership

To be eligible for active membership in The National League of American Pen Women, Inc., a woman must be native born or a naturalized citizen of the United State of America.

The following are summaries of eligibility and qualification requirements. The application form contains detailed information that should be read and followed. The National Membership Committee is flexible to developing new categories.

Letters:  Professional women eligible for LETTERS membership include authors, co-authors, advertising sales promoters, compilers, dramatists, editors, genealogists, lecturers, librettists, lyric writers, periodical writers, photo journalists, poets, press writers, script writers for communication media or motion pictures, research workers, and musicologists. All credentials shall be submitted with accompanying proof of payment within the last five years.

Art:  Professional women eligible for the ART membership include architects, cartoonists, craftswomen, choreographers, designers, graphic artists, illustrators, painters, photographers and sculptors. All credentials will be submitted with proof of payment for works or services within the last five years. In addition, the painter, sculptor, craftsman or graphic artist must show proof of work accepted for at least three select juried exhibitions within the last five years.

Music:  Professional women eligible for the MUSIC membership may present professionally published original compositions or original creative arrangements, original unpublished compositions or creative arrangements that have been performed in a public forum. All credentials shall be submitted with proof of payment for works, or proof of performance in a public setting or via a communications medium within the last five years.

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